North Peak Brewering Beers

Cherry Trip A trippel-inspired fruit beer.  Tart cherries are added in the kettle & during fermentation.

Diabolical IPA An aggressively hopped IPA, with a nice caramel sweetness.  This brew features multiple hop additions which provide an abundance of flavor & aroma.  Citrus, pine, mint, and floral notes can’t be missed while enjoying this North Peak flagship beer.

Mission Point Porter A full bodied porter with rich chocolate overtones and a pleasant hop aroma.

Northern Light A staple brew @ North PEak, this beer utilizes pale, pilsner, and Munich malts and US Saaz & German Hersbrucker hops to create an approachable, yet assertive lighter, golden ale.  It’s clean, crisp & refreshing!

Ring Them Bells A spirited blend of juniper berries,clove, and cinnamon w/caramel malt & hoppy pine accents.  medium-full bodied, rich, with a pleasing spiciness. A festive holiday ale, brewed with Plenty of malt & hops to balance the Winter Welcome of spices.

Shirley’s Irish Stout A dry stout, with lots of roasted barley and a long finish. Nitrogen dispensed for extra creaminess.

Siren Amber A malty classic, with the subtle hop flavor & aroma from Willamette & Fuggle.  Enjoy the caramel sweetness with just a hint of roasted barley, which provides the rich amber color & a slight dry finish

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